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I hope you haven’t been there like I have.

Emergency surgery. Unplanned medical expenses.

Worry. Wondering, why did this happen to me?

While I have had the unfortunate luck of a few unplanned and one emergency surgery, I could not have been more thankful that these never happened while on vacation. Vacations are supposed to be a source of stress relief, smiles and happiness, a time to unwind, relax and not think about such serious subjects.

But, life is unpredictable.

What if you were on vacation, out of the country and something happened? Maybe not even as terrible as a medical emergency, but what about other unplanned events (and unplanned weather!) that can put a damper and add stress to what is supposed to be a highlight in your life?

What if I could help you have peace of mind before you even left on your trip? What if I could help you protect your investment. Yes, travel and vacations are an investment!

While I’m not an insurance agent, I help clients understand policies that are available, offer and complete the transaction of purchasing a travel insurance policy.

Here are some of the top reasons to buy travel insurance:

1. Life is unpredictable.

Many trips are non-refundable. If you don’t have insurance, you have to bear the cost of the entire trip. With insurance you can potentially recover all or most of the costs of the trip.

Ever paid a deposit 10, 12 months in advance?

Travel insurance can help you recover your deposits for covered reasons.

In the event of an emergency, airlines are not required to refund a ticket and merely offer a credit voucher for the cost minus a penalty fee.


2. Your medical coverage may not cover you when you are traveling abroad.

Domestic plans often limit international travel. If you or a travel companion gets sick while traveling, you may not be covered.

This isn’t the time to figure out how you’ll pay for it and where you’ll go and potentially having to put thousands of dollars on a credit card.


3. Your baggage is lost.

Ever felt that sinking feeling while you stand and stare at the baggage claim?

Travel insurance can cover the replacement of necessary items for luggage that is delayed for a certain amount of time and reimburse replacement costs not covered by airlines or homeowners insurance.


4. Your flight was cancelled due to bad weather (heard of hurricane season?!) – flight delays can add up quickly

Airlines have no legal obligation to provide you with accommodations in the event of cancellation due to weather. This is called trip delay – you’ll still eventually go, but will have to wait – and who knows how long! Trip delay coverage from travel insurance can help you get reimbursed for hotel rooms and meals during the trip delay.


5. Your passport is lost.

If your passport or any important document is lost or stolen, some travel insurance companies have a 24-hour help line staffed with people that speak over 40- languages and can help you with the process to get a replacement. The one I work with most has this type of support available.


6. You have a complicated itinerary.

What is complicated? I think of any trip that involves multiple legs and carriers.

A delay of a whole day might make you miss some or all of your trip. Insurance can reimburse for unused, nonrefundable portions of trip and can help you continue your trip.

For example, let’s say a flight delay makes you miss getting on a cruise ship, insurance can help get you to the next port.


7. You lost your job.

We all experience tough economic times.

Nonrefundable costs can be reimbursed if the policy you purchase is covered by job loss. Put cash back in your pocket for when you need it the most and save that trip as a celebration when job prospects start looking back up.


8. Peace of Mind

Vacations should be fun and travel insurance can provide peace of mind and keep you focused on enjoying your vacation and not worrying about the risks involves if anything happens.

Some questions I get about insurance:

• Why is it so expensive? I want to spend my money on the trip, not insurance!

Well, the cost of travel insurance is based on the value of your trip and depending on coverage, also based on your age. The more you have invested in your trip (and yes, the older you are!) the more you need to protect it. When you consider all the protection you get, travel insurance is actually a great value.

• Will I get my money back right away if I have to use my policy or cancel my trip?

As with any type of insurance, there are provisions that must be met before a claim can be paid. Receipts for expenses provide proof of loss and help expedite the claim payment. In the event of stolen items, a police report must be submitted. It is so important that if you do find yourself traveling and need to submit a claim that you save all receipts and documentation that can be submitted for a claim.

• Why is travel insurance more expensive or different than the travel protection offered by the travel company?

Travel companies typically offer a cancellation protection waiver which is different than insurance. Those types of coverage usually mean the tour company agrees to waive its own cancellation penalties if you have to cancel for a covered reason. If there is medical coverage, it typically is not as comprehensive.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m not an insurance broker or agent, but I do offer and complete the transaction of purchasing travel insurance policies for my clients. I always suggest my clients to reach out to these licensed agents to ask any specific coverage or medical questions should be handled by the experts.

There is nothing more than I want as a travel professional than to see my clients go on trips of their dreams and have the support they need to make those experiences amazing which is why I always offer travel insurance and will promote its many benefits.

Do you always purchase travel insurance? Tell me why or why not below!

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