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Whether your hotel or motel is a midway point or the destination itself, you need it to give you a good night’s sleep. It’s the least it can do. However, you’ve probably found that’s not always the case. If you don’t want to walk through your next day’s travel or activities like a zombie, you need to get your rest.

The secret is to book your room carefully and bring along useful aids. Ask critical questions and make special requests. Or get your travel agent to be your enforcer. When you’re getting a room, here are some of my best hotel tips for your overnight well-being.

Stay away from the parking lot. Travelers driving cars, trucks and even motorcycles and semis check in all night long. Study the layout of the motel or request a room on the opposite end of the building from the parking lot (unless you’re on a floor high enough up that parking lot noise won’t bother you).

Request a room in the middle of a floor. The ends of floors are where you’ll find the ice and vending machines, laundry facilities, elevators and other high-traffic real estate. Avoid them if you can.

Find out if partiers are booked. Weddings, conventions, spring breakers, bachelor and bachelorette parties and other festive occasions can run both long and loud. Don’t hesitate to call the front desk if things get especially disruptive but you’re best off avoiding such party-all-night neighbors whenever possible.

Avoid the pool — Squealing, splashing kids and loud, echoey conversations are the penalties for booking a room too close to the pool. Find out where it’s at — and avoid it like the plague.

Bring your own pillow. If it’s not yours, it might be too hard or too soft. It could be too stuffed or not plush enough. Whatever the imperfection, it can keep you up at night. Bring along a little sleep security from home.

Get a comfortable thermostat setting. How do you sleep at home? Do you like it cool or toasty? Set the temperature that conforms with your nighttime preference and you’ll sleep better for it.

Bring earplugs. Even the best-laid plans go wrong. Your next-door neighbors impulsively decide to invite friends over and throw a party. Ideal rooms aren’t available. Whatever goes wrong, it helps to have earplugs. If you forget to bring your own, ask the front desk if a pair is available.

Don’t fret your forgotten charger. It’s time to relax, but you reach into your bag only to realize you forgot your phone charger. Panic would normally ensue, but this time take a trip down to the front desk. Many times, they’ll have spare chargers ready to help guests in need.

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