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February 14th, a day that causes most people to panic and run to the nearest store late at night for a card they forgot to buy for their sweetie. If they’re lucky, they’ll have planned dinner and perhaps a gift or two. But what if there were a better way, one that was guaranteed to make memories and something that was packed with opportunities to be romantic.

Nothing sets the stage for romance quite like a change of scenery. Why not plan a getaway for you and your sweetheart with plenty of time to relax, catch up, and enjoy each other’s company? It’s not hard to find romantic destinations across the world that offer a range of activities just for adults, including wine tastings, nightlife, art, and music.

Here are my picks for the top vacation ideas for couples both in the U.S. and around the world.

While it’s too late to take a trip this Valentine’s Day, these destinations aren’t just great as a gift in the middle of February, they can be planned at any time and are sure to help you make memories with your sweetie.


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