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The start of the New Year comes with the onslaught of resolutions posts, many of which will be long forgotten 4-6 weeks after they are declared.  Typically resolutions are related to health, home organization, spending less time on social media and maybe more time reading a book.


Want a resolution you may actually follow through on this year?   Travel resolutions are not only attainable, they’re fun and much more enjoyable to look forward to achieving!

Here’s just a few to get your resolution creative juices flowing:

I resolve to…

…Use all my vacation days/time

…Prioritize travel over material things

…Start a travel fund

…Get a passport, TSA Pre-Check or Global Entry

…Learn a few words of a foreign language to use on a trip

…Talk to locals and become immersed in the culture of where you are visiting

…Unplug during travel and be more in the moment

…Get out of my comfort zone and go somewhere I’ve never considered before…maybe even alone!

…relinquish control and let a travel planner do the travel research and planning

What’s your 2017 new year’s travel resolution?  Post it here and we’ll hold each other accountable!

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