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The beach!

My happy place.

It’s all about relaxing, fun, sun, waves, collecting shells and maybe a few drinks here and there, but somehow the thought of packing up always seems a little daunting and I don’t always enjoy getting together all the stuff I need to cart with us.

One of my favorite reasons for moving to Charlotte, North Carolina is only being about 3 hours from the beach. Now while that may seem far to some, after being in land-locked Ohio for 9 years, I can see beach weekends becoming a regular thing.

For many, Memorial Day weekend marks the first official “beach weekend”, but I’m learning as we’ve moved to the south that the beach is considered “open” as soon as the weather warms up which means anytime now!

sunbathing accessories

So here’s a list I use to help beach days stay stress free and hopefully it will help you relax before you even go and know that you won’t forget a thing to make your day lounging absolutely perfect.

Mini pouches Hand sanitizer
Wet wipes Hair ties
Sunglasses Headbands
Chapstick Sunscreen
Bandaids/antibacterial ointment/First Aid Kit Makeup remover/Face Wipes
Grocery bags for wet items Ziplocks for electronics
Sunscreen Yeti Stainless Mugs
Books/Magazines Towels
Beach hat Extra battery packs
Speakers Headphones
Umbrellas Chairs/Chaise Lounge
Baby powder Plastic utensils
Goggles Small Water Toys

So how are you going to carry all of this stuff??

You’ll want a beach bag that is lightweight, water-resistant or machine washable, and roomy enough to fit multiple beach towels.   Here’s a few to check out:






LL Bean XLarge with Long Handles


Kate Spade Rogers Way Hallie


Aside from what will go in your beach bag, here are a few other things to add to your packing list for the day:

  • Extra towel for the drive home (keep in car)
  • Beach Chairs
  • Umbrella
  • Cooler with snacks and drinks
  • Athletic equipment and water toys


So now you’ve gone to the beach for the day and it’s time to go home and pack everything up. As much as I love the beach – when it’s time to leave, I despise the sand that follows me home – in my bag, in my car, on my skin, in my clothes – it’s everywhere!  Now while this will never deter me from going, there’s a few tips and tricks to help keep the sand at the beach and from going home with you!

  • Rinse – if there’s a designated place to rinse off, or take a quick dip in the ocean
  • Dry Off – rub off as much sand as you can with a towel that hasn’t been laying in the sand all day
  • Baby Powder – sprinkle on your feet and hands
  • Line your trunk with an old bed sheet – place all items in it and bundle up. When you get home and unpack, shake the sheet outside

With the right tools in your tote, you will be prepped and organized to make your day it’s very best, and the following tips on how to pack the perfect beach bag will help you know exactly what to pack!

Is there a beach item that you can’t live without? What’s your favorite beach bag?  Help me out and post a comment below – I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get beach season started!

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