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Celebration Travel

As an avid picture taker (ok, I take a lot of pictures, but I can’t say they’re photographer quality) I love holding onto memories. After recently moving to Charlotte, I dug through hundreds and hundreds of pictures from my childhood (pre-digital camera days) and from what I found, most of them were from birthdays – roller skating, mini golf, bowling, pool party, sleep over, pizza party, those seemed to be the themes, but as I’ve gotten older, the birthday parties are changing – more mimosa brunches, beer tours, and wine dinners. Birthday celebrations haven’t stopped – well at least for me they haven’t. If getting older is supposed to make us depressed, I didn’t get the memo!

The newest trend I have had the opportunity to jump on board to is celebration travel! No longer do your travel plans have to revolve around deciding whether or not to drive to your grandmother’s house, or whose parents house you’ll be spending Christmas at, or even how you can coordinate getting all of your family together for a reunion or birthday party. There are so many options available today that make planning and going on a celebration trip possible. And it definitely isn’t limited to just birthdays, so when else would you travel to celebrate?

A few ideas:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Reunions
  • Girls/Guy Trips/Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties
  • Graduation
  • Retirement
  • Holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s
  • Spring Break
  • Summer Break (teachers – I know you have reason to celebrate!)

But there’s no reason hold back as there are plenty of reasons to celebrate, and working with a travel planner can be the easiest way to organize and commemorate your special occasion.

We’ve been lucky enough to get together with our immediate family and travel around the Caribbean for multiple Christmas and New Year’s trips.  The times spent together, where no one has to do the dishes, make the beds, or clean the house allows everyone to simply sit back, reconnect with loved ones, and enjoy the vacation.

Thinking back on our trips I still remember the times spent dancing on the promenade on a cruise ship on New Year’s Eve, sitting in a large group on the pool deck or going on river rafting excursions as one big family. The reconnection is huge, especially for those that we don’t get to see as often as we’d like, and it helps to really celebrate the special moments with great memories.

Here’s three celebration trips – two to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s with family and one to celebrate my mother in law’s 60th birthday.

2010 Royal Caribbean Western Caribbean Cruise
2012 Celebrity Southern Caribbean Cruise
2015 Princess Cruise to Alaska

So beyond the obvious reasons of why traveling to celebrate an occasion is a blast – a few other things that make it awesome:

  1. It can involve family and friends that live anywhere – all three of these trips brought family in from all over the U.S.
  2. Celebrations that fall during winter or less than ideal weather times of year can be brought to life traveling somewhere warm and sunny
  3. Depending on the trip, say a cruise, everyone is together, and you don’t have to worry about how to transport a group around town, no one has to drive and there’s usually options day and night for everyone to have fun!
  4. Quality time with everyone that typically isn’t possible in a one night event

But how could a trip possibly cater to all age groups – especially when traveling with families? Well multi-generational travel is on the rise and there are exclusive resorts and cruises that are catering to this market to allow for celebrations.

So when it’s time to celebrate, think of it as a time to travel! Creating memories and sharing these life experiences can become the greatest gift someone could ever receive.

Have you traveled to celebrate a special occasion? Tell me about it here!

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