Top 3 Reasons Why Cruising and All-Inclusive Resorts are Perfect for Families and Multi-Generational Trips

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With families and generations living far away from each other now more than ever, the opportunity to spend quality time is at a premium.  More and more families are realizing that pictures posted on social media aren’t enough to replace the one on one time that travel can offer multiple generations.

Families that travel together are better connected, but this isn’t always an easy task.  Who to invite – aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc – and who is going to coordinate all the logistics, but also ensure that everyone at every age is going to enjoy themselves!

Getting a large group with differing budgets, tastes, and ages to agree on details like location, accommodations, restaurants, activities and excursions is a lot of work.

This is where cruises and all-inclusive family resorts come to the rescue! And of course having a well-traveled agent that knows the differences between different cruise lines and resort brands is invaluable.

There are so many ways to customize your experience and it doesn’t matter how many different age groups traveling together.


So why do these types of trips work so well?


If everything about a family resort vacation and a family cruise or all-inclusive were equal, the cruise and all-inclusive would win based on price alone every time.

With a multi-generational cruise or all-inclusive, the entire family gets to enjoy luxurious rooms, food for every appetite and preference, entertainment options for all ages, kids clubs, and adults only options all for one price.

The term all-inclusive actually can vary greatly from cruise line or from resort brand, which is why it is important to know what inclusions you’ll actually receive and what is available to your family.

Some resorts include all water sports, where as others don’t, some cruise lines include kids club supervision and others don’t.

But when you do find the cruise or all-inclusive that matches the makeup of your all-inclusive group, the inclusion of everything for everyone is priceless for a family trip.

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It’s Easy and There Is Something for Everyone

You pack, you go, you arrive, you unpack once, and the rest of your time is spent relaxing & having fun.

Cruises literally have something for everyone and if you can’t find fun on a ship, then most other vacations are going to leave you bored as well!

There are movies, water parks, ice skating rinks, rock climbing walls, dance clubs, kid clubs, comedy clubs, casinos, mini golf, basketball, arcades, and cruise lines continue to create even more entertainment opportunities with each new ship that sets sail.

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For all-inclusives, kids clubs, water sports, craft activities, dance clubs, casinos, water parks, beach volleyball, theme nights and so many more entertainment options give variety beyond just sitting in a beach chair.

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Exotic Destinations 


Many family trips tend to be close to home or the same place each year, but don’t provide as many options for as diverse of group as a multi-generational family.

Cruises are fantastic because they let you explore brand new places, almost daily. This allows the whole family to explore new sights and sounds – together at each port of call.

All-inclusives provide a more in-depth look at an exotic location and allow families to learn about the history, culture and people of that place.  These kind of opportunities make trips likes special for years of stories to share.

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With thousands of cruises and all-inclusive resorts available, the help of a travel agent is invaluable to matching the right one to your family!


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