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Words of Advice When Your Trip Lands during a Massive Storm

Flight cancellations are seen on a flight schedule board at LaGuardia Airport in New York

Today marks exactly 2 months since the storms of Hurricane Matthew – a grim reminder of the forces of nature and how what it can do at home for those in the path of the storm. But also for those that had travel plans booked weeks, months, even years prior to knowing a storm would even be around.   What words of advice can travel professionals pass on to clients regarding their safety if they choose to travel during times of year when storms can hit?

As we’re heading into the coldest times of the year when snow, ice and winter weather can hit at any time, here are a few tips to keep in mind if you have travel planned or scheduled:



Use a travel professional to book your trip –

Online “deals” that have a lot of restrictions and travel websites that don’t have a customer service component can you leave you high and dry if weather strikes and you have no where to turn.  A travel professional can rebook travel, make phone calls on your behalf and help rearrange a trip if needed.


Purchase travel insurance –

Depending on the coverage purchased, you may be able to recoup the entire cost of your trip if you decide to cancel prior to or during a trip. While it may seem unnecessary during the booking process, travel insurance can help you salvage your trip and provide you peace of mind while you are on your trip.


Pack needed medications on you and not in your checked baggage –

If you end up stranded in the airport after bags have already been checked or if your bags get lost in the craziness of changed and cancelled flights, you’ll want any necessary items with you.


Utilize a Weather App to track and follow the storm system –

Utilizing current apps and storm information will let you assess the risks of travel, prior to departing.  If you have not yet left home, defer travel until the danger passes if you have an itinerary that is likely to be affected by the storm.  If you’re on the trip when the storms hits and you have purchased travel insurance, contact your insurance supplier to find out your options. If you opted out of travel insurance, you’ll have the task of calling your airline, hotel and every other supplier associated with your trip to see what their policies are in regards to weather.


Consider flying through different airports –

Some cities and airports are just better at  handling inclement winter weather, and some seem to be surprised by winter weather every year (we’re looking at you Chicago O’Hare) But it’s easy to avoid layovers in cities that are known to have bad weather.  It may cost a little more to fly through Dallas than through Chicago for example, but the likelihood of getting in and out of Dallas during the winter is much greater than in the middle of a snow storm in Chicago.


For more information about minimizing the risks of winter travel contact Samantha at Plan Your Perfect Vacation by clicking here.


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