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Let’s all flashback to 2006, Italy hosts the Winter Olympics and then later that summer defeats France to win the World Cup, Google bought YouTube for $1.65B, and Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet. But none of that topped my 2006 it was when my world as we know it changed.

Why? Pinot Noir.

Yes. Pinot Noir changed my tastebuds, my interest, and desire to learn about and try new red wines. Up until that night in Spokane, WA in a dinner and jazz club, I was strictly a sweet, white wine drinker – not necessarily the sweeter the better, but definitely leaning towards the sweet side. Now 11 years later I’m a self-proclaimed wine snob and am constantly on the search for the perfect cabernet sauvignon, but I also love to travel – so why not combine the two?

Wine and travel go hand in hand and over the past decade there has been an increase in hotels and resorts that are not just wine-themed, but also tied to vineyards and wineries.

When you really think about travel and becoming culturally immersed, its very similar for wine – its linked to the place where the grapes grew and the culture that produces it.

New resorts and hotels cater to a wide range of wine lovers, from those who enjoy tasting and learning about wine to serious connoisseurs whose passion drives them to visit vineyards and winemakers.

Consider these spots for your next relaxing vacation and kick back with a glass of red (or white!).

Here are 3 amazing wine-focused hotels and resorts around the world to consider for your next vacation:

  1. The Bacchus Suite at The Yeatman – Porto, Portugal

The Yeatman.png

Located in the heart of one of Europe’s most important wine capitals, Portugal, The Yeatman is a haven for wine lovers and the prime destination for those wishing to explore the pleasures of Port, the great classic wine for which the city of Oporto is famous. I may be biased on this one with my Portuguese heritage, but this place is a must see!

Most recently they won Best Accommodation in Wine Tourism Awards…

Best time to visit: Spring and summer


  1. Secrets The Vine Cancun, Cancun, Mexico


Secrets Resorts are a personal favorite of mine and this one is even more special with the addition of The Wine Bar – a tasting area beside a unique wine wall holding nearly 3,000 varietals, not to mention the architecture and design of this Mexican beach resort is wine-inspired, as well as the spa menu is, relying on grapes, grape seed and wine varietals for a range of treatments designed to revitalize the skin and nourish the soul.

Best time to visit: Wine-themed activities take place all year, but the weather is best between December and April. In March, the property is a perfect base for attending the annual Cancun-Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival.


  1. Ellerman House, Cape Town, South Africa


Ellerman House is situated just 10 minutes from the heart of Cape Town and the one-and-a-half-acre property, stands as an iconic showcase of South Africa’s finest hospitality, cuisine, art, wine and leisure. The three-story wine gallery blends the concept of a tasting room with elements of a contemporary art gallery. It includes a champagne cellar with special vintages of Dom Perignon, a wine library, a maturation cellar and a brandy tasting lounge.

The corkscrew inspired wine rack is magnificent, not to mention the rest of the grounds.

Check out this video and you’ll be inspired to book a trip!

Best time to visit: Late September through November.


Not sure how to find the perfect resort or hotel to meet your wine needs?

If you are really serious about your wine, here are some questions to ask to determine whether a wine-themed vacation fits your needs and interests….better yet, ask a travel planner to find out the answers for you! Click on the button below if you’d like your wine-inspired vacation planned!

  • Does the property have a working vineyard that grows its own grapes or is there one nearby?
  • Can you tour the facilities where wine is produced?
  • Can you visit the caverns where the wine is stored?
  • Are there directed tastings?
  • Will you have opportunities to learn about properly pairing wine and food?


Ready to plan your wine inspired getaway?

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