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Cuba: Now Open for Tours

Cuba is a country I always knew of its existence, but with all of the restrictions on travel, it is one that I really didn’t know much about beyond what you learn in school. It was the forbidden intrigue that led to the quick booking of the first Norwegian Cruise that offered a stop on […]

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Planner’s Delight: 6 reasons to plan ahead for your dream vacation!

As a self-proclaimed extreme planner, I LOOOOOOVVVE to plan and coordinate things out far in advance. Everything from meals to workouts, get togethers with friends and family and of course travel.  And I don’t mean planning a summer vacation in March of the same year; I’m usually planning (and booking) trips sometimes a year or […]

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4 Ways to Beat Jet Lag

As much as I love to travel, jet lag – no matter how small or large of a time change – always seems to throw me off. Now as I’m getting older – the struggle is real! For many, the interruption of a regular routine and sleep schedule can really mess with the enjoyment of […]

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Cancun Luxury: (Spring) Breaking Stereotypes

Snowboarding, ski slopes and freezing temps is not everyone’s idea of spring break plans, yet that’s the only spring break trip I’ve ever taken way back in my college days. Typically I was always working over break, studying for school or maybe just not invited to those crazy trips that you hear other people talking […]

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Creating the Perfect Beach Bag and other Beach Hacks

The beach! My happy place. It’s all about relaxing, fun, sun, waves, collecting shells and maybe a few drinks here and there, but somehow the thought of packing up always seems a little daunting and I don’t always enjoy getting together all the stuff I need to cart with us. One of my favorite reasons […]

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Why Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

“Please sign the Travel Protection Waiver Form indicating if you would like to purchase or decline travel insurance for your trip.”  These words are part of every relationship I have with a client and one I get many questions about. Buying travel insurance has been something I’ve sought out, even prior to entering the world […]

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The Rise of River Cruising

River cruising….isn’t that for grandma and grandpa?  Not anymore.  Americans of all ages are flocking to river cruises in record numbers, making it one of the hottest trends in travel right now. But, why?  These cruises are father to fly to, tend to be more expensive and don’t have as many amenities on board. Why […]

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Demystifying Norovirus on Cruise Ships

On more than one occasion, I’ve heard friends, family or clients say “I don’t want to cruise and get Norovirus.” And what’s interesting is that’s the last thing I think about when cruising or planning a cruise for clients. Cruise ships are held to such a high standard for cleanliness and sanitation that the numbers […]

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