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Countdown to 2017: Top NYE Travel Spots

  According to Travel+Leisure, there’s many different reasons to travel to various New Year’s destinations – and its not always for a crazy party.  Nice weather tops the list for favorite spots and you may be surprised to see NYC is not in the top 10 – want to see their picks? Click HERE to read[...]
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Winter Blues?

Winter travel is the best medicine! Short days of sunlight… Sub zero temps… Dreary skies…. Shoveling snow seems to never end….   If daylight savings has you down, a winter getaway may be the answer to getting through this time of year.  Don’t know where to go?  Here are the top winter getaway destinations according[...]
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The Gift of Travel

Let me ask you a quick question, without too much effort think back to last year’s Christmas or your birthday. What did you get for presents and from whom? Struggling to remember? Or were they impersonal and quickly thrown in the donation bag for the Salvation Army? What if there were ways to create memories[...]
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Spooktacular Travel Ideas

Halloween Travel It’s that time of year again! Fall is in the air and Halloween is right around the corner. When we think about holiday travel, people are already making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and their plans don’t typically include Halloween. But just because door-to-door trick or treating as adults is frowned upon, it[...]
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