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Thanksgiving Travel : There’s more you can control than you think.

Having both of our families on the other side of the U.S. we’ve had our share of difficult and challenging air travel. Sprinting to make connections, dealing with cancelled flights, rude passengers and long lines. While that all sounds dreadful, it isn’t inevitable to have a bad experience traveling around Thanksgiving. There’s more you can[...]
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Time to Celebrate? Time to Travel!

Celebration Travel As an avid picture taker (ok, I take a lot of pictures, but I can’t say they’re photographer quality) I love holding onto memories. After recently moving to Charlotte, I dug through hundreds and hundreds of pictures from my childhood (pre-digital camera days) and from what I found, most of them were from[...]
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Top 3 Travel Planner Myths

  Had a lot of fun making this video and hope it clears up any misconceptions about travel professionals!  Let me know what you think! [youtube]
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