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Wine Lovers Travel Guide

  Let’s all flashback to 2006, Italy hosts the Winter Olympics and then later that summer defeats France to win the World Cup, Google bought YouTube for $1.65B, and Pluto was downgraded to a dwarf planet. But none of that topped my 2006 it was when my world as we know it changed. Why? Pinot[...]
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Making Waves

Have you ever heard of wave season? What is it? It’s when the deals start rolling in! Wave Season has been coined the three month long Black Friday of the travel industry that takes place from January through March. It originally started since a large percentage of cruisers book their sailings in the early months[...]
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So, What is it Like to Cruise on Norwegian?

This is post 1 of 4, the remaining posts will be sent out over the rest of this week. Thanks for joining us! So What’s It Like to Cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines? Prior to last week’s trip, I had no idea. I’m not a complete newbie to cruising, as I have experience with Royal Caribbean,[...]
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New Year’s Resolutions … Travel!

The start of the New Year comes with the onslaught of resolutions posts, many of which will be long forgotten 4-6 weeks after they are declared.  Typically resolutions are related to health, home organization, spending less time on social media and maybe more time reading a book. Want a resolution you may actually follow through[...]
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Countdown to 2017: Top NYE Travel Spots

  According to Travel+Leisure, there’s many different reasons to travel to various New Year’s destinations – and its not always for a crazy party.  Nice weather tops the list for favorite spots and you may be surprised to see NYC is not in the top 10 – want to see their picks? Click HERE to read[...]
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Winter Blues?

Winter travel is the best medicine! Short days of sunlight… Sub zero temps… Dreary skies…. Shoveling snow seems to never end….   If daylight savings has you down, a winter getaway may be the answer to getting through this time of year.  Don’t know where to go?  Here are the top winter getaway destinations according[...]
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