Corporate Incentive
Trips & Retreats

Corporate Incentive Trips and Business Retreats always end up becoming an additional job on top of the regular duties of the entrepreneur or employee of a team.

It isn’t something anyone has time for or want to dedicate to, nor should have to.

Corporate Incentive Trips reward top producers, bring teams together and can be morale booster. Whether you’re managing a small startup team of 10 people or a large corporation of 1,000’s, there’s no denying the many benefits of offering these trips to employees, especially when it boosts the company culture and celebrates successes.

It has been surveyed and proven time and again that money, bonuses, and raises simply don’t offer the same value or long-term benefits to reward employees. Travel incentives have been found to make employees feel much more appreciated and trusted, resulting in greater loyalty towards their organizations.

Retreats tend to lend themselves more to the concept of team building and/or strategic planning.  Why not get together outside of an office, in an offset space, and create an experiences that help everyone work toward a common goal. By shifting the setting, you’re able to create bonds and build a more closely-knit group. The things that make each and every person different and unique adds perspective – that means the connections made with one another is something often not able to be replicated, except through these types of trips.

Rather than congregate in a boardroom, hotel conference room, or co-working space, let us help plan trips that encourage creativity and bond building. This is a time where corporate norms can be shed, paving the way for new ideas. Stress relief, self-improvement, team bonding, breaking molds – sounds like an incredible return on investment for any company or small business.

Ready to Build a Stronger Team with Incentive Trips and Retreats?