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The average person does over 20 hours worth of research and visits more than 15 websites reading untold amounts of blind and sometimes less than helpful reviews when they are trying to plan a simple vacation – that’s not even for something more complex like multi-country land tours. It’s no wonder that over the past 15 years Americans have taken less and less vacations, with over half leaving vacation days unused – that’s over 650 million vacation hours gone.

At Plan Your Perfect Vacation, Cruise Planners, they get that time back and they maximize their investment in it. Clients benefit from my years of international travel to over 45 countries, numerous industry certifications, and a vast network of travel suppliers that saves them time, reduces their stress, and increases the value that they get when they take that perfect vacation. They come back from their trip rested, relaxed, and ready to plan their next one with me!


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Travel is a life-changer.

Traveling is not about checking things off a list; it’s about having meaningful experiences that change your life. When you smell the air, hear the voices, when you taste the food, when you travel, you experience, and those are things you’ll never forget and will change you forever.

Whether you’ve thought about it before or not, travel changes lives. It relaxes, liberates, rejuvenates, teaches, and can be the experience of a lifetime.

  • Does travel relax and de-stress you from an overscheduled life?
  • Does it liberate you from a particularly rough patch you’re going through?
  • Does it rejuvenate a spark in a relationship that you thought was hopeless?
  • Does it teach you something about yourself you didn’t realize existed?
  • Does it help create a new appreciation for diverse cultures?
  • Does it remind you to live in the moment?
  • Does it push you out of a comfort zone?
  • Does it open your eyes to other possibilities?

It can do all of this and so much more.

Travel changed my life and it will change yours – learning about new cultures, food, languages, customs, and people. Unplugging, pampering, doing what is best for your health and your soul.

That’s why I want to help you achieve your travel goals. Get the benefits of a local travel agent from anywhere in the world. Whether searching for the best luxury travel destinations or looking for a completely unique experience in the jungles of South America, I am here to help every step of the way. Let those dreams begin today!