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I want to take a moment to officially welcome you to Plan Your Perfect Vacation!

Before I tell you even more, here’s your free copy of The Ultimate Guide to Couples Travel!

To introduce myself, I’m Samantha Schultz, and I’m a proud Cruise Planners franchise owner and lead travel planner at Plan Your Perfect Vacation. My passion and specialty is in couples travel; rekindling relationships, strengthening bonds, and enriching lives through spectacular trips and vacations.

I design custom travel experiences for couples that wish someone would plan every last detail of their trip and want to make memories that last a lifetime. From luxury travel destinations to cruises and adventure, I plan it all!

My clients crave special time with their loved one, but may be working too many hours and don’t know how to maximize their vacation time together.  As a travel consultant, I help them get out of their bubble, escape to new places, and provide access to extras they didn’t know existed. Hopefully, this sounds like something that appeals to you.

Each week, I’ll send an email with travel articles, an interesting trip I am customizing, or even a travel recommendation based on my personal travels.

I may also send an email here and there if there’s an incredible travel deal you wouldn’t want to miss, or something else particularly helpful; but rest assured, I’ll only provide valuable travel content and never spam you.

One of the best ways to get to know me is on social media, so please join my Facebook group and follow me on Instagram. While you’re there, tag me on your favorite travel photo, so I can see what kind of trips inspire you!

Thanks again for downloading the guide, I look forward to developing our travel relationship as nurture your bond at home.

Go Together. Grow Together.



Franchise Owner and Travel Planner

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