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Communication and Availability

I will be extremely responsive to every email, phone or text. You can count on me provide a response within 24 hours – and often much more quickly.

I will be focused on clients that are truly interested and invested in a partnership with a travel professional to provide the best service.

I will ensure these clients are top priority and I can accommodate enough time to work closely and spend as much time necessary to plan a detailed trip to specification, which is why I have a trip design and management fee.

Attention to Detail

There’s a reason I say I’m a travel matchmaker and expert vacation planner:

I will ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to you before starting any research and making any recommendations.

I will take the time to understand the reasons behind your specific requests and preferences, so that I can suggest appropriate options and alternatives.

I will ask about your previous travel adventures as well as ideas and wishes for the future so that I can understand your travel dreams and desires. I’ll then share specials and new products and bring them to your attention as they arise.

As our travel relationship continues on, I will revisit your travel preferences to ensure I capture changing tastes, interests and desires.

Trustworthy Advice

As your trusted travel consultant, I will propose and guide you to select travel arrangements that provide the best value and match the amenities and vision you have communicated.

I will only recommend preferred service providers who come recommended and will live up to the quality standards you expect.

I will be honest when I don’t know the answer or need additional insights. In those cases, I will leverage my network of travel colleagues to find the best person to partner with and identify exactly the answer to your question.

I will communicate your unique requirements and preferences and ensure travel providers are aware prior to travel and prepared to provide options and accommodations for you.

Support and Follow-Up

 I will be your advocate when unexpected occurrences arise during your trip to ease the stress and provide a seamless travel experience.

I will ask for your feedback after a trip to better understand your preferences and to see how we could improve things the next time.

I will do everything in my power to provide a level of service so exceptional that you will tell your friends, family and colleagues about me.

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