La Casa de Rosa – An Intimate, Authentic Mexican Cooking & Dining Experience!!

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La Casa de Rosa – An Intimate, Authentic Mexican Cooking & Dining Experience!!

La Casa de Rosa is a restaurant I learned about during a site inspection at The Fives Beach back in 2020, but this restaurant is more than just a place for dinner – it’s an experiential dining experience that was more than I expected.  The small colorful building looks different than anything else on property. It looks like someone’s small home from the outside and has all of the cutest Mexican accents and decorations at every turn.

I ensured this trip to Mexico that I made a reservation and even with the $60 per person charge, it was worth every penny.

The entire restaurant is reserved for this VIP event for any guest who wants to participate each night with a maximum of 18 people.

While waiting for all of the guests to arrived, we were invited onto the patio to learn about tequila and mezcal with a tasting and a very interesting history lesson.

But what I loved even at this point of the evening is we weren’t rushed, we weren’t just there to eat, we were becoming a family little by little through the experience that “Rosa” provided. We all went around and introduced ourselves, shared where we were from, if we’ve ever traveled to Mexico before and any other fun fact about ourselves.

There were many there that had never traveled to Mexico before, some were surprised that the old wives tail that if you drink the water you’ll get sick, just isn’t true.  Many where there with family and friends, one couple celebrating a babymoon. So many different people from different cultures, countries, ages, yet we were all brought together with the common interest in learning more about the Mexican culture.


When Rosa has you as part of her “family” at this dinner, she asks that you try everything, even if you don’t like it.  I won’t give away the surprise, but most people that were hesitant to try the first “snack” absolutely loved it!

Most were also surprised how nice trying reposado tequila could taste with a piece of orange that is dipped in cinnamon.

Once we learned some history, culture, and little about each other, we played a Mexican game called Loteria.  Another part of the evening I don’t want to spoil for you, but it was the piece that truly made all of us feel like friends and family that had maybe met an hour before.

We were then invited into the kitchen and split into groups.  We rotated between 4 different stations learning how to make tortillas, guacamole, cactus salad, and fish tamales.   We all were shown how to hand form tortillas and gorditas, we hand mixed the salsas and salads and assembled the fish tamales which weren’t traditional with corn, they were freshly made with fish and vegetables.  Everything down to the heavy stone bowls, to the traditional clay fire ovens, was so authentic, you wouldn’t find this experience just anywhere.

Everyone working together all to have this family dinner was really special to look around and take in.

We then sat down to an amazing four-course meal with drinks and dessert, most of it all hand made by our “family”. The table was beautifully adorned by handmade crafts and decorations by both local Mexican artisans and employees of the resort.

The end of the night we all got to share what we were thankful for. It was amazing how many people said they were thankful to have the freedom again to travel, but also this opportunity to spend time with people they had barely met a few hours prior.

We all may never cross paths again, but what will cross our minds is this experience where complete strangers were brought together, cooked together, learned together, and enjoyed the fruits of our labor together.

I’m fortunate to experience many different activities throughout my travels, but this this was hands-down one of the most special and heart felt experiences that I’ve ever had the privilege of attending.

Thank you, Rosa, for everything.


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