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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Jamaica This Year!

  Jamaica turns 55 this year!  And in honor of the island’s independence, here are 5 reasons why is one of the best destinations to visit in the world!  #1 World Class Resorts From the tourism capital of Montego Bay, to Negril in the west and Port Antonio in the east, visitors can find a[...]
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Cuba: Now Open for Tours

Cuba is a country I always knew of its existence, but with all of the restrictions on travel, it is one that I really didn’t know much about beyond what you learn in school. It was the forbidden intrigue that led to the quick booking of the first Norwegian Cruise that offered a stop on[...]
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Planner’s Delight: 6 reasons to plan ahead for your dream vacation!

As a self-proclaimed extreme planner, I LOOOOOOVVVE to plan and coordinate things out far in advance. Everything from meals to workouts, get togethers with friends and family and of course travel.  And I don’t mean planning a summer vacation in March of the same year; I’m usually planning (and booking) trips sometimes a year or[...]
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The Rise of River Cruising

River cruising….isn’t that for grandma and grandpa?  Not anymore.  Americans of all ages are flocking to river cruises in record numbers, making it one of the hottest trends in travel right now. But, why?  These cruises are father to fly to, tend to be more expensive and don’t have as many amenities on board. Why[...]
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Making Waves

Have you ever heard of wave season? What is it? It’s when the deals start rolling in! Wave Season has been coined the three month long Black Friday of the travel industry that takes place from January through March. It originally started since a large percentage of cruisers book their sailings in the early months[...]
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