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Linda Frye and Cindy Cowley – Ireland


“Thank you for the flowers. That was an unexpected but delightful surprise.


The trip to Ireland was wonderful! I had a really good time traveling the country with my sister. Working with you as been a pleasure.


You were very helpful and you were always available to answer any of our questions. Thank you for all you did.”


Trip Detail:

Linda and Cindy live states apart, but that distance wasn’t going to keep them from traveling to Ireland together. A little unfamiliar with international travel, we were able to set them up with a fantastic itinerary throughout Ireland – including a stay at the infamous Ashford Castle.


Prior to the trip, I scheduled a phone call and ran through all the details with both of them including,m how to get through customs and immigration, how transfers would make their trip seamless and everything to help them feel prepared and ready.


The trip went without a hitch and we couldn’t have been more happy for them to experience this destination together.


Time of Year:

August 2018





Type of Trip:

Land Tour