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Molly & Jon Root – Barbados Honeymoon


“My husband and I wanted to go on a honeymoon after our wedding, but without all the planning and added stress. When we stumbled upon Samantha at a bridal fair we automatically felt welcomed and comfortable having her help us.


The process was literally so easy.


We never had to meet in person and did everything over the phone and by email. We gave her a big range of what we were interested in doing. With our budget and a few other stipulations she narrowed it down to three spots for us. Then from there she went into more detail about every destination. Then when I was being indecisive she helped us narrow it down by providing even more insight.


She never tried to up sell us on anything and was very truthful about all the information given to us. We always felt so important, like we were Samantha’s number one priority. She answered all of our questions and even sent us a flower arrangement after we returned home. It was so sweet and we can not say enough about how much we loved our experience with her.


We will definitely be contacting her to plan our future trips. ”


Trip Detail:

Molly and Jon attended a local bridal show when they came across our agency.


After the show and a few months, Molly went to our website, read the reviews and decided to reach out to discuss honeymoon ideas.  She was tired of wedding planning at this point and didn’t want to have to think about the honeymoon until she was boarding the plane heading to a beautiful destination.


We made sure to stay within the budget provided and even helped narrow down choices to the best matched resorts when they had a tough time deciding between so many fantastic options.

Time of Year:

September 2018





Type of Trip: