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This quiz is here to help you narrow down what is best for you for your next vacation. There are so many different variables to think about when considering where to go, it only makes sense to answer a few questions to get the process started. Once you have your answer, email using the button below and we can get started planning!

Where Should You Go On Vacation?

Thanks for taking this quiz, it is a super easy way to really zero in on the type of vacation you should take based on your preferences!

When thinking about going on vacation:

1. I would rather drive and avoid flying
2. I would like to be on a cruise ship traveling to faraway places
3. I don't mind flying, but would like to keep it to a minimum
4. I don't mind layovers if the place is amazing

In order to have a great vacation:

1. I don't mind being around large crowds of people, I can relax anywhere
2. I would rather be in peace and quiet without a lot of hustle and bustle

When it's time to eat on vacation:

1. I don't want to think about food, just show up and eat
2. I want options for food, but I am not fussy
3. I want to experience local flavors and different types of cuisine

While on vacation:

1. I don't want to be confined to one place for my vacation, but not always be on the go
2. I don't want to be confined to one place for my vacation, I want to see as many places as possible
3. I want to stay in one central place, and explore on my own
4. I want to stay in one central place, and I just want to relax

When I think about the beach on vacation:

1. The beach is nice, but adventure is more important
2. I like the beach and want a little time to relax - but not too much
3. I am looking to relax but don't want to spend all day doing just that
4. The beach is my number one thing I am looking forward to on vacation

When considering excursions, like underwater activities:

1. I do not want to SCUBA dive or snorkel on vacation
2. I am interested, but it's not on the top of my list
3. I definitely want to try SCUBA diving or snorkeling
4. I would rather snorkel, I'm not interested in SCUBA diving

When I pack for a vacation, you'll most likely find in my suitcase:

1. Flip Flops, Sunblock, and a big floppy Hat
2. Local map and comfortable walking shoes
3. Hiking boots and GPS device
4. Designer bag & sunglasses, and fashion forward clothes

All 7 questions completed!

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Where Should You Go On Vacation?

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