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New to Working with A Travel Agent? New to Plan Your Perfect Vacation?

Whether you’ve never used a travel agent before or maybe didn’t have an ideal experience in the past, if you’ve wondered how a trip could be elevated from ordinary to exceptional, it’s worth reading below on the experience you can expect when working with Plan Your Perfect Vacation, Inc.


  • What should you expect?
  • What types of travel and destinations can be planned?
  • How much should you budget?
  • Is working with a travel advisor right for you?
  • Am I the right travel advisor for you?


Here’s the Process and Our Services…..

What Should You Expect from Custom Travel Planning?

Every trip we plan is completely customized and tailored to you because each of our clients are special and all trips have a different vision and goal.  Although custom travel won’t look the same for each reservation, this is what you can expect with every booking so we may provide the best client experience pre, during, and post travel:

  • Consultation – We’ll discuss your past travels, what you like to do in your free time, your favorite foods and other details that will give me insight into what is unique about you and how you like to travel.
  • Research and Partnership – We’ll begin researching to find the best options that match you through partnering with trusted and vetted suppliers that are on location and current with that destination. Even with over 60 countries traveled, we rely on partnerships to make sure you’re getting the most accurate information.
  • Itinerary Proposal – We’ll review itinerary that includes everything we discussed in the initial consultation for your review and we can continue to fine tune all components and book the trip once everything looks perfect.
  • Trip Preparation and Support – We’ll be available to help you prepare – whether it is with packing lists or the customs process, I’m here to answer any questions.
  • Point of Contact during Travel – You’ll always have local assistance with 24 hour peace of mind

Where Do We Plan Travel?

With over 70 countries explored, international travel is our specialty.

But What About Domestic Getaways?

While international travel is our specialty and main point of expertise, there are domestic options available from select properties that provide an experiential stays or near-to-home private getaways.

These properties go beyond just a hotel stay and a typical room with a bed.  They offer one-of-a-kind experiences in destination, unique décor, exceptional cuisine, and service that will you leave you feeling absolutely pampered.

Click here to learn more about our recommended domestic getaways.

How Much Should You Budget For Your Perfect Vacation?

For our best tailored, custom trips that will match those photos you’ve seen online or fulfill the pampered amenities that anyone would want away from home, the recommended budget per person is in the mid to high 4 figure range.  For the more complex, luxurious, or unique trips, these begin in the 5 figure range, per person.

Is Working With A Travel Agent Right for You?

Just like hiring a contractor to remodel your home, a wedding planner to build the perfect wedding day, professional CPA for taxes, or estate planning lawyer, you’ll want to make sure your travel professional is the right fit for you, one you trust and shares the same values, which is also something we consider when we  decide which clients to work with.

As professional travel advisors we are offering a service, but a concierge-level service that is not for all travelers. We’re ok with that, and we want you to be as well.  We want to provide stress-free vacations, created and tailored specifically to each client, where the only thing they have to worry about is packing their bags and showing up.

If that resonates with you, we have a lifelong travel relationship ready to start.

Am I the right travel advisor for you?

Trust is something that has to be built and something we do not take lightly. Just like your time, which is hard to come by, we don’t take that lightly when it comes to your travel time – it’s something you can’t get back.  Time is the one currency we all have that we can’t add more of – but just as your time is valuable, so is ours.

Part of working with a professional travel agent and letting us build your “custom travel package” includes the cost of time – research, proposals, itinerary changes, travel support, etc. –  all of things you don’t have to spend time doing.

Planning travel is time consuming and if we build trust and we’re able to use our expertise to create the type of travel experience that is the best fit, it’s going to end up a win-win for everyone.

Along with trust, comes shared values – you’ll hear us say it over and over again that our agency is all about life-enriching experiences.  The one thing you won’t ever hear us say is that our goal is to find you the cheapest vacation.

While we are always looking to provide the best value to every client that matches what you envision for a trip, that vision must go beyond cost alone.  Value comes in many different ways – from not spending an extra 6 hours in an airport layover to save $50 or to have peace of mind that your transfers are going to arrive on-time and you feel safe with that driver. The old saying, you get what you pay for comes true for online “deals” – you don’t want that “deal” messing up your dream trip, nor do we want our agency to be associated with those types of trips.

Our agency has stayed small to build closer relationships with clients.  If “cheapest” is the main priority, most likely our agency won’t be a great fit.

By standing firm on serving clients that have the same trust and values, it helps us both to find incredible value working together to create that trip of a lifetime.

If it sounds like we’d be a great fit, we can’t wait to bring your dream vacation to life.

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